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In fact ... we are one soul, you and me.
In show and hide you in me, I in you.
Therein lies the deeper meaning of my relationship with you,
Because there is between you and me, nor I, nor you.

  • In the heart of the most secret mine,
    Inside the fruit farther,
    On the vibration of the note more discreet,
    In the shell more resonant, convolto


    In denser layer of paint,
    In that vein in the body scan for us anymore,
    In the word that says more softness,
    In the root that comes down, more hidden,


    In the silence deeper this pause,
    In that life has continuity,
    Looking for your hand, break the cause,
    Wanting and not believing, end, intimacy.


    José Saramago


    art "digital artwork
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