If you seduce my mind, you can have my body. If you find my soul, I'm yours forever.

A heart is a dance that listens to the music of the soul. Each song plays a different melody and each lyric catches the essence of the spirit of life. The dance can be slow or fast, its the waltz, the tango and the jitterbug. Colored from the rainbow where white light hides all the colors, and only in a prism can we separate them.
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  • I feel like,
    I’m coming up for air,
    For the very first time,
    Like my lungs are sucking in,
    And breathing,
    The life back into me,
    I didn’t know I’d lost,
    Like I’ve been drowning,
    For so long,
    Under water so deep,
    I just couldn’t breathe.
    I stumbled,
    Through life,
    Not knowing where I was,
    I fell into you,
    And it all made sense,
    When you caught me,
    My wings began to spread,
    I could fly,
    I could do anything,
    Because you breathed,
    The life back into me,
    I didn’t know I was dead,
    I didn’t know I was missing,
    Till I found myself,
    Gasping for air,
    To fill myself,
    With a life I didn’t know I had,
    And a love,
    I needed all along. 

    Written by Madi 
    © Sublime Musings 2014

    God handed him a book
    “Your script”
    Eagerly he opened the book
    knowing his life had been planned
    all these years everything had 
    fallen into place…perfectly…
    when he opened the book
    the pages were empty
    except for two words…
    “Find Love”

    Life is not a script
    it is a journey 
    with no map
    no suitcase
    no plan
    just a destination
    that is only 
    in your hands and 
    so totally

    Samantha Chandler

    Please sit down. 

    Now close your eyes. 

    Now think. Think about whom you love. Think who makes you smile. Think of who fits in your embrace. On who gives comfort to your day. Who goes mad in your evenings. In whom, when does the smallest things, puts you a smile in his eyes. Who do you like from ordinary things and makes them seem like a party. Who need to tell a novelty. Who do you call when you have a problem. In reality those in need. In whom you love without expecting anything in return. 

    I sat and thought of you. 

    And you? Whom do you think? 

    - Rita Leston -

    Gosto de ti, e então?

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